About the breed

‘The British Shorthair is a substantial cat. It should be cobby in shape, with short legs. Its head should be round, with rounded eye. It’s coat should be plush and dense.’

The British Shorthair is a fairly relaxed cat who generally fits in well with family life.  They are affectionate and pretty loyal for a cat.  They generally live happily with children and other pets and whilst they love attention they are also generally happy with their own company.  They are a large breed of cats and males can grow up to 10kg in size.  Their coats are short and pretty easy to manage, although they don’t need massive amounts of grooming it is wise to give them a regular brush.

Why buy a pedigree cat?
For the same reason as you would buy a pedigree dog!
  • You are better able to predict the characteristics of the cat
  • The litter is more likely to have been the result of a carefully planned combination of two cats that complement each other, with a view to producing happy, healthy kittens.
  • The breeder is likely to have more comprehensive knowledge and experience of the breed and cats in general.  This comes with a number of benefits such as:
    • They should know how to give them the best start in life with appropriate care, including good quality food.
    • They are aware of what’s involved in raising healthy kittens and provide the necessary parasite treatment and veterinary care.
    • They are therefore more likely to be able to continue to support kitten owners into the future.
  • Responsible breeders will make sure their kittens leave their house happy and healthy.

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About the breed
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