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Amiryck – breeders of British Shorthair kittens in Devon

I got my first cats when Richard and I first moved in together. I have had at least one ever since.

In the late 90’s Richard and I did some voluntary work fostering cats and kittens for the cats protection league in Essex.

We got our first pedigree cat Bella in 2011. Chris, my son and I had met a lilac colourpointed british shorthair boy some weeks before and had fallen in love with the breed. It was then only a matter of time before we had our own blue colourpointed british shorthair girl. Bella was Chris’ cat and he took on the routine tasks looking after her. She became the start of our journey breeding British Shorthair cats in the South West.

In addition to the cats we have dogs (Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla and Pointer), alpacas, chickens and ducks.

I am very grateful to Julia Oughtibridge of Alejandro British Shorthair for making the transition into the pedigree cat world a whole heap more enjoyable. Although she wasn’t involved in breeding our first BSH, she was happy to help me. My thanks to her for all her help and support. She has since entrusted me with some beautiful cats she has bred, for which I am eternally grateful.

My thanks also to Veldes Carnell of Misskin British Shorthair who has made the move into breeding much less stressful! Also to Jean Wolfe of Bumpkin British Shorthair for our gorgeous black girl Opal and blue spotted Denim.

We take our breeding very seriously and want to do our very best to give any animals we breed a happy and healthy life. We aim to achieve this by minimising the possibility of breeding in problems where we can and raising them in what we consider to be a suitable and loving environment.

We spend a lot of time and money on our hobby and do not make any money from having litters from our cats.   We always look at our litters to see if there is a kitten in them that fits our criteria for our next keeper, sometimes there will be, sometimes not.

I  was an original member of the GCCF breeder scheme to demonstrate my commitment to breeding.  After having helped them set up the scheme it was close to my heart, however, I withdrew from it in 2017 for various reasons including differing views.  I do still uphold the same standards I did as a member of the scheme.

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