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2022: We have several kittens available
Please contact us for more details, or if you are interested in giving a lap for an older cat

We strive to produce happy, healthy British Shorthair kittens after all our purpose for breeding is to provide the next generation of Amiryck cats for us. We want our new owners to lavish as much love and care on their new kittens as they will receive affection back.

Amiryck British Shorthair Kittens
Amiryck British Shorthair Kittens

Our British Shorthair kittens are carefully planned and lovingly reared in our home.  They are sold registered with the GCCF or TICA (on the non-active register so not to be bred from). Our kittens leave home vet checked and fully vaccinated, with 4/5 kitten packs (containing useful information and food). We undertake to provide lifetime support to all our new owners.

We really like our new owners to come and visit us and meet the cats and kittens to see how we do things and what our cats are like in the flesh!  It is a great opportunity to find out what you are letting yourselves in for!

We ask our new owners that if they ever find themselves in a position unable to keep their cat any more they let us know so that we can either take the cat back or facilitate finding a new home.  It is our way of ensuring that we do the best for our kittens we can.

Pet cats should be neutered since un-neutered cats result in unwanted pregnancies and unpleasant behaviour.  We expect our kittens new owners to do this for them.

If you are interested in a British Shorthair kitten from Amiryck please tell us a little about yourselves.  We are keen to ensure our kittens go to suitable, loving homes.  It is lovely to receive emails from prospective new owners telling us about their situation and what they are looking for from their new addition.


Older Cats

Sometimes a kitten isn’t the best choice for everyone and sometimes we have adult cats available, that would prefer life with a human all to themselves…

**  Please contact us for further information on any adult cats we may have available. **

Please contact us for more details of kittens and older cats available.

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