Kitten Plans 2019

The following details are planned matings for 2019.  Obviously, we are at the mercy of mother nature so things may change.  Please contact us for further details.

 Pampurred PlayingWithFire


Amiryck Serendipity

Kittens will most likely all be golden (spotted not ticked based) in either golden, chocolate golden, blue golden or lilac golden

Ch Amiryck Pot-of-Gold


Amiryck Pandora

Kittens will be either golden or blue golden, brown tabby or blue tabby, and the same in colourpointed.

 Amiryck Stormy-Skies


Amiryck Fortune-Teller

Kittens will be either blue tabby/golden or blue colourpointed they could be cream or cream tabby pointed if male or blue tortie or blue tortie tabby pointed if girls.


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