Kitten catch up

We have had a rocky couple of weeks since Opal’s caesarean.  Opal never picked up properly after her surgery and a week later she was admitted to the vets very poorly.  That meant that we had to pick up the baton feeding the kittens, who were a week old.  Opal returned home 5 days later and luckily wanted to be with her kittens still.  We customised a thick pair of tights to cover up a wound she had from a mammary abscess (one of her problems) and she was able to lie with the kittens and even let the kittens suckle from the top two exposed teats.  It has now been 2 weeks since we took on the feeding and the kittens seem to be doing well.  Opal is also pretty much back to normal and enjoying her kittens.

Kizzy’s kittens continue to do well…

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