Ch Amiryck Pot-of-Gold

Burleaway Will-I-Am x Amiryck Serendipity

Golden Tipped

Beautiful Cecil was Amiryck’s first Champion.  Now loving his life on his new owners lap.

1st and BOB to May’s Amiryck Pot-Of-Gold (BRI ny 12) M 11/7/15 What a super chap! Lovely type with an apple shaped head of very good breadth and depth and a strong broad muzzle and good cheek development for his age. Neatish ears are of correct shape and set well and he has a broad well rounded top of head. His eyes are round and held well open with a very nice open British expression. They are green in colour with eyeliner effect. Very good profile with rounded brow and short straight nose finishing in line with a good depth chin. Bite correct. Cobby body of very good proportions and feel. Correct tail for shape and length. His coat is slightly long but of very good density and a firm texture. Apricot ground colour with black tipping which appears heavier in areas due to having colour extending down about 1/4 of the hair shaft in places. Pink paw pads and brick nose leather. Best typed kitten I had today! Congratulations.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Dr P Collin

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