Amiryck Pandora

Amiryck Moonlight-Mile x Alejandro MassKara

Blue Tabby Colourpointed British Shorthair

Pandy is very special to me since she has all the main cats from our colourpointed breeding program in her pedigree.  A little princess!

1st and BOB to May’s Amiryck Pandora (BRI a 21 33) F 2.5.16

Drop dead gorgeous I wrote in my book! Extremely pretty and appealing. She has an apple shaped head of excellent breadth and very good depth and with a strong muzzle and good cheek development. Rounded top of head and fairly neat ears are set well. Good size to her eyes which are round and held well opened and with a very good British expression. In profile a round brow and short straight and broad nose ending in line with a deep chin. She has a cobby body of good weight and with strong legs and good depth and strength at her chest and rump. Correct shape to her tail. Her coat is short with good density and a firm texture- with good crispness promised. Blue points with tabby markings apparent and her body colour is glacial with some light tonal shading. Her points match well although bit paler on her legs and with a lovely well placed diamond shape to her mask. She is great fun to handle and was in very good condition. Would have taken her home like a shot!

reproduced by kind permission of Dr P Collin

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