Progress update

It’s always nice to hear how kittens you have bred are getting on.  I was delighted to receive some photos of Sky’s chocolate golden boy Jolyon from our litter last year in the post to mark his first birthday.

We have kittens

We are delighted to welcome two new litters of kittens here at Amiryck.

Details of the litters can be found here.  Please contact us for further information, including availability.

Photo update

Up to date photos were long overdue of the cats so whilst the weather was good I took a few snaps.

Kitten update 22 June

All the kittens continue to do well…

Seren’s kits at 8 weeks

Kara’s kits at 7 weeks 2 days

Rose’s kits at 4 weeks 5 days

4 weeks 5 days - Rose's kits

4 weeks 5 days – Rose’s kits

Show success!

Today we took Cecil for his first outing as an “adult” to the joint Bristol and Cambrian show.  At only 10 1/2 months he is not far into this classification.  We were delighted that he was awarded his CC and BOB at both shows.  He also picked up a first in one side class and a second in another (beaten by a mature male), where the judge took the trouble to comment what a nice golden he was on her slip.  So overall a very successful and enjoyable day 😀

Cecil Bristol and Cambria

Cecil Bristol and Cambria

Kitten update 30 May

All our kittens continue to do well and are growing daily…

Seren’s gang

Kara’s gang

Rose’s gang

Roses kittens 1 week and 3 days

Roses kittens 1 week and 3 days

Kitten update 24 May

All our kittens continue to do well.  Below are pictures of Seren and Kara’s litters

Seren’s kittens, nearly 4 weeks old

Kara’s kittens, just over 3 weeks old


Kitten update

Seren and Kara have both had their litters now.  Both mums and babies are doing well.  We are really pleased with what a fab job Milo has done.

Seren’s gang at 2 1/2 weeks


Kara’s brood at nearly 2 weeks

15-05-16_kittens_karasbrood 15-05-16_kittens_karastrio 15-05-16_kittens-karas_bluetappypoint

Congratulations Milo and Seren

Seren gave birth on Wednesday to six gorgeous kittens.  Mum and babies are all doing well!